Recently SAP changed it’s homepage in order to fulfill the General Data Protection Rules (GDPR – or DSGVO=Datenschutzgrundverordnung). Unfortunately they changed it in a way, that you’re not able to use the community any more if you try to protect your data:

Dear visitor,
We have detected that you are using some form of ad blocking software which is preventing us from collecting your consent on the use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Under European data protection laws, we are required to capture your consent, and we can only do this if you enable cookies from the website. Please turn off or pause your ad blocking software and reload the page to enable our systems to capture your consent. Thank you for your understanding.

Dear SAP,
turning off data protection and data tracking on client site is not the way to protect data. Sorry that I’m not able to use your service any more. Sorry to all Advantage fellows for losing an expert in the official forum. If any of you’d like to open an unofficial forum, please let me know and I’ll add my expertise to it.
Thank you for your understanding.
And by the way I’ve never disabled cookies for SAP.COM.

ByeBye SAP Advantage Community
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