The next version of Delphi will be released soon – and there’s again the question if SAP will support ADS for the upcoming version. Personally I wouldn’t bet on it.
But it’s quite easy to get the packages compiled by yourself. I’ve described the steps to get ADS into Delphi 10.1 Berlin here. The same does apply for Delphi 10.2. Tokyo. You just need to use an additional definition in Tokyo release has compiler version 320:




And a couple of lines down, mark this version as being supported.

This version of Delphi/C++Builder is not yet supported!

These modifications are sufficient. Just compile and install – and you’ll be able to compile ADS based Windows applications with Delphi 10.2 Tokyo.
But what about Linux? Well, in theory this should work aswell. But there are a lot of modifications required to get it running. I’ve started to translate ace.pas (as the basic interface into the Advantage Client Engine) to work under Linux and got it running for some basic API calls (see this blog post). But when trying to compile ADS TDataset packages, a lot of errors have been thrown. The components use a lot of Windows specific functionality that simply don’t compile under the nextgen compiler (e.g. lots of ANSI calls). So finally I gave up.
I strongly recommend to use the Delphi FireDAC components instead. They may have limited functionality compared with SAP’s ADS components, but at least they’re supported under recent and upcoming Delphi IDEs.

ADS and Delphi 10.2 Tokyo
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