After two years absence, last week I’ve been visiting EKON19, the 19th reinkarnation of a Delphi focused conference (Entwickler Konferenz). This was the first time for me as a participant – a very new experience. Not being speaker or exhibitant, I’ve been able to visit a lot of sessions. So I’ve learnt a lot new stuff, including the new version Delphi X Seattle, Beacons, Fast Report, Threads, Spring4D and interfaces … just to name a few. Unfortunately there have been too many sessions in parallel (well, just 3 – but that means you’ll miss at least 2) to gain all the knowledge I wanted. But still enough to play around and improve my components and applications.
It was great to meet so many people I know from the past – speakers and attendees. Next year – for the 20th anniversary – I’ll be back as a speaker.

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